Lesley Pierce

Lesley Pierce



A co-Founder of Built Offsite in 2006, Lesley is a maternal presence throughout the company, helping new starters to settle in whilst providing vital support to Richard T. H. Pierce and sitting as a director of the board.  Lesley brings systems and administrative skills gained whilst working for Greater Manchester Police, and understands the dark art of managing her husband and sons!

Lesley takes a keen interest in making sure the company ethos is upheld throughout all client interactions, and will often visit sites throughout their build phase, as well as being present at handover.  Through these visits, Lesley will often pick up on things that make a real difference, and will make sure that any issues and concerns are dealt with promptly.

Lesley is highly perceptive and in touch with real issues faced by education establishments, having personally brought six children up and overseen their education.  A strong empathy with school staff has proved invaluable when the bigger picture is sometimes not instantly recognisable.