Built Offsite Ltd is a truly family owned and operated company.  All our shareholders manage, guide and work in the business on a daily basis, which continues to allow us to make decisions based on the right thing to do for our clients, not the right thing to do for external shareholders or owners.

We will never walk away from a problem, and our values and ethos is the connective tissue which binds our team and is the source of our continued success in the education construction sector.

Our Story

Built Offsite Ltd was founded in 2006 by the Pierce family.  Their experience in the industry now spans five decades.  Husband and wife team Richard and Lesley along with three of their six children, Richard Jnr, Jim and Charles work full time for the company.

Over one hundred directly employed specialist construction staff now operate from our head office in the heart of the UK, and supported a turnover of £30 million in 2015.  There is a high level of staff retention and loyalty within the company,  and different ideas,  skills and approaches are examined and adopted where sensible.  This approach of not being afraid to do things differently from the norm has spawned systems and techniques that have allowed us to redefine what is realistically achievable within tight timescales and budgets.

The combination of a skilled workforce and strong family ties brings power to the business, helping to assure cohesion and strengthen operations. This approach has enabled Built Offsite to continue growing, even in a difficult economic environment, through the natural act of passing down a legacy and developing something unique.

Meet the Family

To ensure a personalised and professional service every time, you will often meet more than one member of the family through your experience with us.  It could be an initial feasibility discussion, a progress meeting, a full blown contract session or a random drop in to ensure things are going as they should.  Either way, you can rest safe in the knowledge that the family, and everyone at Built Offsite Ltd, are continually striving to make sure you have the best construction experience possible.

Supporting the Community

Built Offsite is fast becoming a major presence in local and national supply chains, and we take our corporate responsibility to Britain seriously.  Supporting the community is about more than just donations; it is about being a truly British company, being owned wholly  in the UK and not by foreign holding companies, paying full UK tax on profits and not used to trade tax losses into, and by carrying out all manufacturing and construction processes at our head offices in the Midlands.  We are proud of what we do and do not attempt to dodge our responsibility through clever accounting or tax havens during this time of financial crisis.

We take our local community responsibilities seriously, and where possible, we make a significant investment in our local community investment programmes.  There is often no business benefit to local sponsorship, but we try to support our local community projects with equipment and financial assistance wherever possible.  Some of the current causes we are proud to support are:

Supporting the community